America is rapidly changing.  With every year that passes, more and more individuals either turn away from the Christian faith or simply reject it. What then do we owe these people? We believe the answer is, “We owe them our everything.”

Paul, the apostle, writes in Romans 13:8-11 that the only debt that we have to people is the continuing debt to love one another. Jesus Christ says that we are to love all people in the same way He loves us. This is a life giving, sacrificial, radical, compassionate, unconditional, and gracious type of love.

So how do we help these people who want nothing to do with the Christian faith and “church” find their way back to God and encounter His radical love? The answer is…It will take Christ followers who are willing to:

  1. Lay down their lives for the sake of Jesus Christ and the Gospel
  2. Go on mission as the "sent out" people of God
  3. Live out the life of Christ; Live incarnationally
  4. Take the love of Christ into every avenue of our lives

When we, as Christ followers, really understand the mission of God and sell out to it, we will begin to see peoples’ lives changed and we, as Christ followers, will begin to experience the full life that Jesus Christ promises. It is to this end that Waken Ministries was formed.

Posted on November 21, 2010 .