A Few Highlights From 2011

Our Partnership with Forge America & our launch of Forge Dallas

Waken Ministries has been blessed with the opportunity to partner with FORGE America, a mission training organization, to bring missionary training to the North Texas Area. At its core, Forge seeks to train individuals to live as missionaries in the places that God has already placed them. In conjunction with this partnership, Waken Ministries launched Forge Dallas and a nine-month residency program that trains individuals to live as missionaries in their everyday life.  We started this residency in September with 9 residents and already, these individuals are beginning to see themselves as missionaries and they are connecting with people who are far from God who may never walk through the doors of a church building. As these residents are sent out into every domain of their life, as missionaries, we pray for, hope, and expect to see a movement of God take place. 

Our Partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary

We have also been working with Dallas Theological Seminary and as a result, Forge Dallas / Waken Ministries residents will be able to receive up to 14 credit hours for their participation in our nine-month residency.  Also, Dallas Theological has asked Laura and I to present at DTS’s first missional class that took place this January.  They asked us to share our learning’s in missional living and missional communities.  This was a wonderful opportunity to help shape and train future graduates of DTS. We were honored to serve DTS in this way and we look forward to future partnership opportunities.

Our partnership with local churches and faith communities

By God’s grace, Laura and I have been able to come alongside and serve many churches in our community. Some churches have asked us to speak to their staff, others have asked us to speak in their weekly worship gathering, others have asked us to offer training to their congregations, and others have asked us to serve as consultants. Because of the financial support of many individuals, we have been able to come alongside and serve these faith communities at no cost to them. It is our heart’s desire to serve the local church in whatever way we can as they seek to waken and activate their congregations to live as the missionary people God has called them to be.

Within our missional community

Laura and I continue to journey alongside the families in our missional community. We continue to gather weekly to learn from the Jesus of the Gospels and to encourage one another as we all live on mission as missionaries in the places that we do life. We have learned so much from one another and we have been humbled to watch God work in the lives of those we are journeying with. As of now, our one group is on the verge of multiplying into 3 separate groups. This is happening as a result of families living as missionaries in the places that God has already placed them (i.e. neighborhood, workplace, & community) and by building relationships with those who may never walk through the door of a church building.

Posted on January 19, 2012 .