Forging Ahead

We are so excited about what God has been up to in the last several months and we would like to share with you some highlights.

Waken Ministries/Forge Dallas Residency

We're so excited to celebrate our first group of residents with you! Waken Ministries, in conjunction with our partnering organization Forge Dallas, has recently finished our first Residency! The Forge Dallas Residency exists to train individuals to live as missionaries in the places in which God has already placed them. Nine residents walked through this 9-month training and as a result, they areseeing themselves as missionaries where God has already placed them and are connecting with people who are far from God who may never walk through the doors of a church building. Tony's story is just one example:
Tony decided to participate in the Forge Dallas Residency and has since been on a journey to understand his calling to follow Jesus in daily mission. After a time of reflection, Tony realized he had been spending most of his time in church activities and had very few friendships with people outside the church who might be far from God. Knowing he would need to invest relationally in those outside his Christian circles if he was to follow Jesus into daily mission, Tony joined a local fitness program/gym and now exercises with the same thirty people five days a week. Instead of relying on inviting his friends at the gym to church activities as he might have in the past, Tony is asking God where and how He is at work in the lives of gym members, how God is calling him to join in God’s mission, and what the good news of the Gospel is for the people he now sees five times a week. These questions have led Tony to join other members of the gym in regular outings, to share meals with the owner of the gym, and to introduce his new friends to God by inviting them to participate in social justice projects in which he was previously involved.
We truly believe that the Forge Dallas Residency is an incredible opportunity to catalyze a movement of ordinary Christ followers to join God in His mission to redeem the world. In the Fall, we will launch our second cohort of residents, as well as a Church Transition Residency to help church leaders guide their faith communities to develop a more missional mindset.  We are excited to see how God will use both of these residencies to transform our community! For more info on both of these residencies, you can visit 
Forge America Role

In January, I joined the Forge America team as the Director of Training. In this position, I assist in taking the missionary training and residency that we have done here in Dallas to other locations across the country. Just recently, I came back from El Paso, Texas and Joplin, Missouri and will soon travel to San Francisco, Chicago, and Tallahassee, Florida. Our prayer is that we will see a movement of Christ Followers who fully embrace the God-given potential for world transformation that is already within them. In turn, we pray that every avenue of their lives, the communities they live in, and our country will see a tangible shift toward the mission and heart of God. Serving alongside the men and women of Forge has been a humbling experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from so many who give their lives to follow Jesus courageously into mission, wherever that may lead them.
Local Partnerships Through Waken Ministries

Over the last several months, Laura and I have been able to come alongside and serve a number of faith communities and churches in our area. Laura has been able to assist many local congregations through leading in musical worship and I have had the privilege to teach and share in many local congregations. We also have the opportunity to coach and consult some church leaders, and others have asked us to offer training to their faith communities. It is our heart’s desire to serve the local church in whatever way we can as they seek to waken and activate their congregations to live as the missionary people God has called them to be. 
Within Our Community & Neighborhood

Laura and I continue to be intentional in our calling as missionaries in the very neighborhood and community in which we live. We try to stay focused on building relationships with those that God has placed around us. God has really transformed the way we see people. People are not projects, but rather individuals with incredible value whom God created in His image.  We continue to ask how can we, the sent people of God, live like Christ in the community he has placed us. A lot of our time is spent listening to people and then asking, “What is good news to this community and what does the reign of God look like in this community?” I have been blown away by how God is working in people’s lives and how we, ordinary individuals, have the privilege to join Him.
Our Financial Need

Our ability to lead Waken Ministries and Forge Dallas, serve alongside Forge America, live as missionaries, and serve the local church is based upon the support we are able to raise. At this point we have not yet raised our full support and are only 60% funded. We are praying that God will bring men and women alongside our family & Waken Ministries to partner with us as we waken all of God’s people to His mission and then train them to embrace and embody it in their everyday life. Would you and your family prayerfully consider supporting our family and this ministry through a one-time or regular financial gift? 
In our attempt to raise support, we need 10 to support us @ $100 a month, 5 people @ $200 a month, 3 people @ $250 a month & 2 people @ $500 a month. Would you be 1 of the 20 people who believe in us & our commitment to God’s mission to our community and the world?
We are humbled by your willingness to consider supporting the ongoing work of Waken Ministries. Thank you! If you so choose to support us through a financial gift you can make checks payable to Waken Ministries (they can be sent to: 13970 Salmon Dr, Frisco, TX 75035). Gifts are also accepted via PayPal. To access PayPal, visit and click the support link. Waken Ministries is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donors will receive a year-end statement of contributions.

Posted on July 5, 2012 .