There are a growing number of people who will not walk through the doors of a church building. In America, these people are the majority; and for us, these are the people to whom we feel called. Our desire is connect these people to the love of God; while at the same time, bring life and mission back into the lives of all Christ followers.

Our mission as Christ followers is to bring value, wholeness, reconciliation, and hope to people’s lives. God invites all people to take part in this mission and we desire to waken people to this reality. 

We do this to:  


We are bent on equipping & strengthening ordinary people to join in the extraordinary mission of God right where they live. Waken Ministries trains men & women to live as missionaries where they’re already doing life. Click TRAINING to learn more about this training.


We partner with & serve local churches, non-profits, universities, and seminaries by helping them to train those in their congregations & networks to live as missionaries on their campuses, at their workplaces, & in their neighborhoods. To learn more click CONNECT.


Stories change the world. They shape our thinking and allow us to step outside of ourselves & experience a wider reality. We share our stories and the stories of others joining God in His mission through Speaking and through Blog. If you would like have Ryan Hairston or Laura Hairston speak at your event, click CONNECT to learn more. Also, we would love for you to check out our BLOG.